StreamCoin (Ticker: STRM) is the governance token for the StreamCoin ecosystem.
Currently, StreamCoin is only available through the ICO portal on StreamCoin official website.
Currently, the price of StreamCoin is fixed through the ICO period, which is $0.9. After listing, the price will be subjected to supply and demand.
GaStream (GSTRM) is the utility token for the StreamCoin ecosystem. GSTRM will be used to pay gas fees, reward participants, and sustain the network operations.
You can get GaStream (GSTRM) from the airdrop by investing $50 or more in the STRM ICO or buying it directly from PancakeSwap and DODO exchanges.
Currently, StreamCoin is in the ICO phase, and it will be listed on 100+ exchanges starting from May 2022.
Stream Chain is StreamCoin own Mainnet, a standalone blockchain that can achieve speeds up to 300,000 TPS (Certified by KOLAS).
Stream NFT Marketplace is an all-in-one marketplace for users to mint, buy, and sell video NFTs with 100% content ownership.
MeiTalk is StreamCoin live streaming platform. It offers multi-streaming capabilities to 80+ platforms with a unique crypto rewarding system.

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