GaStream (GSTRM)

GaStream (GSTRM) is our utility token that will be used to pay gas fees and as a reward when participating in the StreamCoin ecosystem. It is already listed on PancakeSwap and DODO exchanges with others to follow soon.

  • Decimals: 18
  • 1. Participate in StreamCoin Public Sale and Invest $50 or more

    2. You will receive 5 GSTRM for every 1 STRM

    3. Airdrop ends along with the Public Sale on April 30, 2022

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Technical Structure & Purpose

GaStream (GSTRM) is the secondary native token for the StreamCoin ecosystem. It is built using the BEP-20 token standard on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a standalone blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum.

GaStream (GSTRM) serves as a utility token to support StreamCoin and maintain its stability and security. It will be utilized primarily for gas fees and node forming rewards when Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0) is ready. In essence, every transaction and minting fee on the StreamCoin ecosystem will be paid using GaStream (GSTRM), while users and participants can earn it as a reward when forming nodes on Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0).

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Uses and Benefits

GaStream (GSTRM) was created to benefit the StreamCoin ecosystem and its users, participants, and investors. In particular, GaStream (GSTRM) benefits will include:

Reduced Transaction Cost

Using GSTRM for gas fees on Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0) when it is ready. All crypto transactions fees will be paid using our affordable utility token.


Incentivizing participants and investors through rewards for yield farming, watching ads on MeiTalk, Real Research surveys, and others to follow.

Reduced Minting Fees

Minimizing the minting fees on Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0). Users can mint NFTs on Stream NFT Marketplace with reasonable minting fees.

Support the Ecosystem

Sustaining the operations of the StreamCoin ecosystem by offering rewards for nodes forming on Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0) when it’s ready.

Token Distribution

Initial Supply

The initial total supply of GaStream (GSTRM) is



ICO and Presale Investors

This is allocated to reward the public sale investors through the airdrop event in addition to the presale investors.



Reserved Rewards

This is allocated to reward participants for Yield Farming, Real Research Surveys, Watching Ads on MeiTalk, Node Rewards later on Stream Chain (Mainnet 2.0), and more.



The supply of GaStream (GSTRM) will increase annually by 8%. This increase will be distributed as follows:

img 1% to the top 10 global streamers on MeiTalk

img 1% to the top 100 global streamers on MeiTalk

img 1% to the Producer Nodes (2,000,000 STRM)

img 1% to the Observer Nodes (1,000 STRM)

img 4% to the monthly node rewards, Real Research rewards, MeiTalk ads rewards, and for sustaining operations

Token Burn

All unclaimed GSTRM tokens from the airdrop event will be burned from the airdrop reward allotment.
An additional 50% of that burned amount will also be burned from the future rewards allotment.

Moreover, other burning rounds will take place periodically from the GSTRM tokens that StreamCoin will
accumulate from gas fees. In the first year, 50% of the accumulated gas fees will be burned every three
months. Afterward, 25% will be burned every three months from the second year.

GSTRM Roadmap

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