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Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0)
Blockchain Solutions

Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0) includes various enhanced features and substantial benefits. It features the Stream NFT Marketplace along with our own NFT standard, the NSTA_602 (NFT Standard Token Agreement_602). Stream Chain delivers speeds up to 300,000 TPS (KOLAS-CERT) as it can handle high-volume transactions. Moreover, the NSTA_602 provides ownership history, video minting capability, low fees, and more.

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Centralized servers pose huge threats to server uptime. With our blockchain-based solution, servers are always up and running.



With the Stream Chain Mainnet 1.0, anyone can integrate STRM or mint their own digital tokens for use within their streaming platforms.



Our Mainnet is compatible with all video streaming platforms. Any platform can easily utilize our API to integrate blockchain.



By using Stream Chain Mainnet 1.0, it’s easier to scale video streaming platforms. You can increase the system’s performance as needed.

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Non-Fungible Tokens!

After live streaming, you can save your videos and easily mint them into NFTs using NSTA_602, our own token standard. The NSTA_602 advantages include low transaction fees, ownership history, video minting capability, and more.


NFT Marketplace

After minting your content into an NFT, you can easily post it for sale within the Stream NFT Marketplace. It provides users with more stable services and unique features such as multiple coin support, NFT auction, space for creators, and more.

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